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1. Do Aunzton work on commission or per appointment payment:

No. There is no doubt that pressure selling over the telephone can achieve numerous unqualified leads, appointments or sales. We are not that kind of business. We offer a quality service using experienced staff who represent companies professionally when working on their behalf. The leads, appointments, information or sales generated are qualified and productive.

2. What is the difference between Telemarketing and Telesales?

Telesales is the use of the telephone for selling and promoting products or services to a business or consumer base.

The modern use of the word “Telemarketing” refers to anything related with the use of the telephone, including Telesales.

For example research, event confirmation or database building and cleaning.

The list is endless and many examples are given on our “Tele-Marketing” page.

3. How do the results of Telemarketing compare with mail shots?

Mail shots are a cheap way of achieving few results. Usually about a 1-3% response is achieved in any area where mail shots are used. Often, mail shots are not seen by the real decision maker. Compare this to Telemarketing or mail shot that is followed with Telemarketing and which focuses on the decision maker. This ensures that a response is achieved from each call and produces positive results ranging from 15-50% in many projects, depending on the product or service.

If these result percentages are compared financially, telemarketing achieves the best returns on investment when used to promote the right products or services.

4. Does Aunzton give added value when delivering a project on behalf of clients?

Yes, always. We believe that every company should offer added value. This enhances the results of any project and allows for a true evaluation of results. Often spin off or additional enquiries provide valuable additional revenue from telemarketing activity.
In addition we always offer our recommendations to our clients before and after any project to ensure that there is a constant improvement in all aspects of any phoning.

Aunzton will not ask you to commit to long term complicated contracts. We are happy to work with you as and when required. If you like what we do and our service you will use us again.

5. What results can be expected from Telemarketing?

Telemarketing is not an instant short term fix or solution for solving business revenue problems and all results vary according to the product or service. We always offer our advice and recommendations to ensure that any project is formulated to produce the best results. This may be concentrated phoning in a very short period or short periods of phoning, but a longer project and will depend on project strategy. We recommend what we believe is the best way of achieving results.

6. Do Aunzton offer help to companies wishing to set up their own teams:

Yes. Aunzton are specialists in the Tele business sector and offer comprehensive services which include Recruitment, Training and Analytical Diagnostic Consultancy. Please visit our Training website for much more information on the Training that we offer.